Throughout my PhD I have demonstrated in undergraduate lab classes in the following areas:

Mapping skills (1st year)

Carboniferous folding at Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

Mineralogy (both hand specimen and thin section; 1st and 2nd year)

Sedimentology (1st year)

In addition, I have been on the staff of the University of Birmingham annual 1st year undergraduate fieldtrip to Pembrokeshire for the last 5 years. Every year, the trip involves around 100 students, for 10 days, and I have led the teaching at several sites as required, covering mainly sedimentology and palaeontology, but also igneous rocks and structural geology. I also provide logistical, pastoral and organisational support as required. 

I have undertaken marking and given feedback to students on all of the courses listed above, on field notebooks, class work, and essays.  


I have also attended:

University of Birmingham PGT012 Teaching for Postgraduates course (Nov 2007)

 The Higher Education Academy course on Postgraduates who Teach in GEES (Mar 2012)