My PhD (University of Birmingham, 2012) focussed on the similarities and differences between Euramerican and Chinese wetland flora across the Carboniferous-Permian boundary. I studied large bodies of data from museum collections and monographs, and compared theseAlethopteris norinii, a seed fern from Palaeozoic China statistically to assess similarities and differences, concluding an overall common floral stock until regional extinction of the flora in Euramerica at the end of the Carboniferous.

As well as collating vast amounts of data (over 200,000 records were processed in the creation of the final database), I visited many key field areas and museum collections, and studied individual plant fossils, both in hand specimen and as self-processed cuticle specimens for light microscopy. I also built up a library of over 4000 specimen photographs, and have presented my work internationally to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

I continue to collaborate with my doctoral advisors, Dr Chris Cleal and Dr Jason Hilton.