Lab work and IT

As well as standard MS Office programs, I am highly competent in CorelDRAW, and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

For statistical analysis, I have used both PAST and R.  Macerated Cordaites palmaeformis cuticle

I am proficient in the acetate peel technique, in order to study three-dimensional, anatomically preserved plants within carbonaceous coal balls, and the preparation of fossilised plant cuticles from the surrounding rock matrix, requiring safe handling of several hazardous chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid

I have then mounted the isolated cuticles on slides, and undertaken light microscope examination, photography and description. 

I have taken over 4000 digital photographs of fossil plant specimens, and created high quality plates and figures. 

I also hold a three year Emergency First Aid at Work/Outdoor First Aid certificate (expires January 2014).