Currently, I work at the Yorkshire Museum, as the Curator of Natural Science, covering the biology and geology collections of the York Museums Trust. The role involves researching and promoting the collections, inviting and facilitating resarch visits, and improving documentation and records of researched material, with a view to raising the profile and unlocking the stories of this nationally important collection. It was started with the discovery of the Kirkdale Cave material in 1821, and its subsequent study by William Buckland, which led to the founding of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society and the building of the Museum and Gardens in the 1830s. The first keeper of the museum was John Phillips, nephew and erstwhile assistant to William Smith.

I have volunteered and worked at museums, alongside my academic work, for over 10 years, and am highly experienced in the safe handling of a range of specimens from antique paintings through to taxidermy and botanical specimens. 

The Lapworth Museum of Geology, University of Birmingham.

I have performed extensive documentation, both paper and digital, to SPECTRUM standards, and accurately entered countless items onto a variety of databases, incuding SNBase, MIMSY XG, and MINISIS

I have assessed collections and performed preventative conservation in repackaging vulnerable items, and attended training courses and conferences on current best practice. 

I have assisted with several outreach activity days, explaining and identifying fossils for the public, and promoting the local geodiversity and museums. I wrote the majority of the text for the Soho House Museum section of the Birmingham Museums Quiz App, and used my front of house experience to come up with ideas to improve the visitor experience at Soho. 

I have acted as a consultant for an ambitious new fossil gallery, and for redisplays of Carboniferous plants.

I am first aid and fire safety trained, and always work safely in museum stores.